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I am selective and careful with whom I choose to meet with. Kindly ensure that your initial contact with me is detailed and respectable. Please take a moment to fill out my booking form in its entirety. Doing so will give us both the comfort of knowing what we will be getting and most of all, expecting during our little rendezvous.

The information that you provide me will remain private and confidential at all times. It is required for my personal safety and security. After our encounter I will discard all the information that you have provided me with.


  1. Discretion is a must!
  2. My donations are non-negotiable. Asking for a reduced donation is considered insulting and your request for an encounter will be denied.
  3. Be respectful about my time. I enjoy our time together but our date is based on the time we agreed upon in advance.
  4. Do not make me ask for my donation. Spare us both from an awkward moment and embarrassment. Please have my donation ready prior to the start of our encounter, either in a gift bag or card and placed in plain sight.
  5. Please do not make offers of social situations without compensating me for my time. Kindly realize and remember as mentioned previously although I enjoy our time together I am a professional companion and I prefer to keep our relationship on this arrangement.
  6. I always enjoy hearing from you after an encounter; feel free to keep in touch.

*** Please fill out my booking form in its entirety.

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